Tips For Choosing A Flower Bouquet

In marriage, one thing that is no less important is a bouquet. A wedding flower bouquet is an accessory that you would expect only once in your life to hold. However, even though it looks like an object that is not that big in function, choosing a flower bouquet often causes a headache for the bride and groom, so they must choose a the little flower shop that is truly trusted. Then, how do you choose the right flower bouquet for your wedding day?

Match with the dress
When you meet a florist, don’t forget to bring the wedding dress that you are going to wear. The flower bouquet design will be adjusted to the style, shape, and details of your wedding dress.

Pay attention to the shape and size of the flower bouquet
Choose a flower bouquet no bigger than your waist. Pay attention to the shape, don’t get too crowded to hide the beautiful details of your wedding dress. For a simple wedding dress, a dramatic flower bouquet decorated with grass flowers can be a pretty choice.

Know the Flowering Season
Some flowers have a blooming season in certain months. Make sure you choose the right flower so you don’t get disappointed because you can’t get it on the wedding day.

Design Your Way
If you have an antique brooch from generation to generation, there’s nothing wrong with pinning it on your flower bouquet. Give the personal touch as you wish.

Design according to convenience
You will hold a bouquet throughout the day. It would be nice if you ask a florist to design it so that it is comfortable to grip and does not make your hands tired so that your concentration is divided. Hold your flower bouquet with one hand below your waist, slightly away from your dress. Open your shoulders and avoid holding them with both hands as this will give the impression of being stiff and tense.

Are you ready for the bridal bouquet toss, Ladies? Happy coloring your happy day with an unforgettable beautiful flower bouquet.

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