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What Is Office Automation?

Office Automation or OA is the use of electronic tools to facilitate formal and informal communication, especially concerning communicating information with people inside and outside the company to increase productivity. Meanwhile, if you want to improve the overall OA and IT in your company, we suggest you work with a trusted IT Support Provider visit us.

Office Automation is a plan to incorporate high technology through improved work execution processes to increase work productivity. The origins of office automation are in the early 1960s when IBM coined the term word processing to describe the agility of its electric typewriter division. The real proof, in 1964, when IBM marketed a machine called Magnetic Tape / Selectric Typewriter (MT / ST), which is a typewriter that can type words that have been recorded on magnetic tape automatically.

OA users:

– Managers, people who are responsible for managing company resources, especially HR.
– Professional, providing special skills that differentiate them from secretaries and administrative employees.
– Secretary, assigned by professionals to carry out various tasks such as handling correspondence, answering phones, and arranging meeting schedules.
– Administrative clerks, carrying out tasks for secretary, such as operating photocopiers, compiling documents, storing documents, etc.