Planting without The Need For Land

What happens when the food stock doesn’t match the people’s needs? Food crash. This happened in Venezuela. The population of a country with a GDP per capita higher than Indonesia has to wait in line to buy food for hours. They have money, but no groceries to buy. As we know, the problem of people in urban areas is food. Now, we are importing several types of food. Imagine what will happen when more and more people live in cities? Another fact, agricultural land is now getting smaller. The population is increasing. This indirectly causes land productivity to decline. To get around this, people are expected to change the concept of consuming food. Meat is just a pleasure. To get nutrition, we can get it from fruits and vegetables. The best food for us is the default nature. For example, when we are sick, the doctor will advise us to eat fruits and vegetables. Therefore, people are advised to change the habit of eating and meat to fruits and vegetables. Apart from being high in nutrients, vegetables and fruits can be grown in any soil. We can grow it indoors with the microgreen concept my website.

Microgreens are plants that are harvested relatively quickly and are high in nutrients. Microgreens are suitable for growing by urban people. This is because city people do not have a large area to grow vegetables. Interestingly, this plant can be grown in any medium. For example, in a small pot or mica brownie. By growing microgreens, we can grow our food. Interestingly, you can choose to enjoy the harvest yourself. This is following the concept of I grow my food. Microgreens require about four hours of sun exposure per day. You can put it near the window. Also make sure the planting medium is in damp conditions, but not soggy. Routinely spray it every day. The seeds will start to germinate in 2 days. Continue the treatment process for 10–14 days, or until the microgreen has grown to about 5–10 centimeters.

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